Simplitoned Abs
Simplitoned Abs
Simplitoned Abs

Simplitoned Abs

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Muscle Stimulator EMS Stimulation Body Slimming Beauty Machine Abdominal Muscle Exerciser Training Device Body Massager

Product Features
1 exercise muscles exercise abdominal muscles muscles waist muscles muscles and other parts of the muscles to achieve muscle modeling. A fishing line that serves as a muscle abdomen in six blocks.
2 weight loss - In the human body, muscles stimulate the muscles to move from the pulse signal to the muscles, promote the consumption of muscle contraction, energy burning, excessive fat, achieve slimming weight loss effect! !
3 Restoring Muscle Strength - The upper part of the lower limbs is even the painful boots after the muscle strength is significantly reduced. "With smart fitness equipment, muscle strength can be gradually restored.
4 muscles
Strength to maintain - Muscle strength in the strength of the training arm, the strength of the legs and waist will gradually decrease. "Fitness appliances can maintain muscle activity, so that the energy of the muscle state does not decay.





Simplitoned Abs